Charmed Life

Making maxi as my Spring/Summer uniform is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire fashion life.



I usually go with mixing and matching pieces, which sometimes causes delays, not realizing that there could be alternatives. I’m always afraid of wearing maxi dresses because I think I’m too small for them. But being petite doesn’t mean you can’t wear maxis. They can actually¬†make you taller and more statuesque, and you can really work it no matter what your height is. Some hair updos, and accessories will also do!

On the other side of this post (let’s leave the fashion talk), I just want to share the top three things that are currently making me happy:

SUMMER. Whenever I hear the word “Summer”, I always get¬†butterflies in my stomach. Because summer is automatically¬†associated with beach, sun-kissed skin, milkshakes, salty hair and all. I feel very excited though my body is not summer ready yet. I just love summer. So much.

ME-TIME. My hectic schedule makes me have more time with myself, but I’m not complaining though. I love it when I spend quality time alone, because I have the time to reconnect with my inner soul, reflect and relax. Erasing relax because how could I relax with tons of things to do? Haha. But yeah, me-time always feels good.

LIFE. I am just simply happy with my life, with everything :)

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