Channeling my inner indie-grunge 90's baby. Let's admit it, when we were just kids, we don't care about fashion, or our appearance. We are forced to wear this, or that, because it was chosen by our moms. But after so many years when we look at our old ootd photos, we'll realize that our childhood self actually had some … Continue reading 199X

Just Do It

Nike + Jellies ensemble Top: JENNYFER | Pants: BERSHKA | Cap: TERRANOVA When I was in the Philippines, I rarely wore a pair of jeans because I'm not comfortable with it. But I started to appreciate the beauty of wearing a pair of jeans when I stepped here in Italy. I have no choice, the … Continue reading Just Do It

Feel Different

Never be afraid to be different, allow yourself to stand out! Top: JENNYFER | Skort: BERSHKA | Shoes: NIKE Opening this post with a positive introduction because I feel like inspiring people today. Honestly speaking, I don't get why it is a requirement to fit in the society so bad, and be like anyone else. … Continue reading Feel Different