8 Things I’ve Learned From Fashion Blogging

When I started my blog way back in 2012, I had no idea, as in zero knowledge about everything. The only thing I know is… I want to blog. Not for anyone else but for myself. I want to express myself. It is my preoccupation, my escape and my stress reliever. Never did I thought that I could inspire other people through this. I continue blogging, and then I found myself writing not just for myself but for an audience. Earning from this blog is just a plus point, but all the lessons I’ve learned, learning, and will learn from the experience & people is what I treasure the most. As my blog continues to grow, I grow as a person, too. My blog is a big part of my life. Today marks another milestone in my blogging life, faebulousstory.wordpress.com is now FAEBULOUSSTORY.COM! I am so happy to launch my own domain. It has been a fun journey, I can’t wait to create and write new memories.

On the other hand, I want to share some of the most important lessons I’ve learned from fashion blogging.

1. BE YOURSELF. Always. Be. Yourself! You have to be authentic. The more real you are, the easier you will touch people’s heart. In whatever you will do, be yourself.

2. TITLES MATTER. It has to catch the attention of the readers.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA IS KEY. Social media, especially Facebook really helps driving traffic to a blog. You really have to do shameless plugging.

4. HATE & MEAN COMMENTS ARE GOOD. Why? They make you stronger. They make you strive harder. They drive you to getting where you aim to be. Ignore them and prove them wrong.

5. YOU NEED ALL THE GUTS & CONFIDENCE. It’s pretty normal worrying at first, but day by day you have to overcome your fears. Be confident enough to write an article. Keep on publishing content. When in doubt, go back to number one.

6. NATURAL LIGHT IS EVERYTHING. As a personal style blogger, my photos need to look good (not perfect, but enough to feed my readers’ eyes). My brother is my personal photographer, and he is just using a normal DSLR lens. And we discovered that natural light really makes the photo look good.

7. READ READ READ. Reading, as well as writing, every day demands a lot of ideas. It nourishes our minds and souls.

8. BE PATIENT. It takes forever to build a stronger name. My blog also struggles in the beginning, but I am very proud and happy that I am where I am today.

Happy Monday everyone! Cheers and welcome to FAEBULOUSSTORY.COM!


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