Channeling my inner indie-grunge 90’s baby.

Let’s admit it, when we were just kids, we don’t care about fashion, or our appearance. We are forced to wear this, or that, because it was chosen by our moms. But after so many years when we look at our old ootd photos, we’ll realize that our childhood self actually had some serious style credibility.


Top: FOREVER21 | Skirt: BERSHKA | Shoes: SUBDUED

Yesterday’s our last day of school and I wore something indie-grunge-ish style. Grunge is something that you didn’t spend much time putting together. It’s like you just throw one piece and another to make an outfit, yet you managed to look stylish anyway. On the other hand, indie means you’re independent. You do your own thing and you always do whatever you feel like. Just like yesterday, I got temporary tattoos because I just want to. I let my friends draw anything on my body. I incorporated the two styles because for me, they are glued together. The combination is an overall “sloppy” or “careless” look, and it doesn’t matter what the current fashion trends are, you dress according to what you really want.

Btw, I’m finally on vacation. Yay! *showers confetti*

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