DIY Ripped Shorts

If there’s one must-have item for summer, it’s a pair of ripped shorts. You could either go shopping or make your own. In my case, I made my own since my brother decided to remove some of his old pants. Lucky me! I could do a lot of ripping!

Here’s the written procedures of what I did!

1. Choose a pair of jeans you want to cut.

2. Prepare your things.

3. Decide what length you want the shorts to be. And then cut. Don’t cut it too shorts because we’ll do the ripping.

4. Reverse your shorts inside out (you don’t want to cut the pockets, right?).

5. Add holes. Wherever you want to do the ripping.

6. Reverse it inside out again, fix the hole cuts.

7. Distress the holes. Distressing makes it easier for you to pull the threads out.

8. Pull the threads out.

9. Repeat steps 5 to 8.

10. Wash and dry them. This is where the real work is done!

Try it yourself now! :)

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