Towns To Visit in Puglia, Italy in 3 Days

It's never new that summer season is my favorite ever since and I always make it a point to get away as much as I can since I love chasing the sun. And who doesn't love vacations? Puglia is one of Italy's famous regions for its unique architectures, diverse landscapes, lovely beaches, crystal clear waters, … Continue reading Towns To Visit in Puglia, Italy in 3 Days

Rimini Torre Pedrera

I finally got the rest that I wanted for so long! Sharing with you some photos that I took during our trip to Rimini Torre Pedrera. Since school really stressed me out, I've always been wishing for everything to be over already so I can finally free up my mind and just relax. Now that … Continue reading Rimini Torre Pedrera

Unplanned Road Trip to Rimini

Life's best moments usually happen unplanned. I just finished my final exam with lack of sleep & puffy eyes today. To celebrate, I'm updating my blog! So the actual reason why I lack rest and sleep is because of the unplanned road trip last Saturday, or should I say Sunday midnight. I have no plan on going … Continue reading Unplanned Road Trip to Rimini

8 Reasons To Go Camping With Your Best Friends

Summer is always fun with your best friends. It's just fun to do and experience new things with them, right? Our camping, somehow, made us more bonded and united. Read more to find out why you should go on a camping with your best-est friends (based from my own experience)! CAMPING WILL BRING YOU CLOSER. … Continue reading 8 Reasons To Go Camping With Your Best Friends