11 Moods Every Girl Has During The “Girl Time Of The Month”

 Posted another look regardless of its crappy quality and bad colour (or maybe worst). Isn’t it annoying when you want to make your photos look good and your photo editing tool won’t cooperate? Or is it just me? Ahhh!!! I don’t know if I’m just having a bad day or the ‘girl-time-of-the-month’ just hit my mood again. PMS alert!



Ladies, we all know that girl time of the month is the worst time of the month ever. All we want to do is crawl back into our beds, never come out and cry. We love to complain during those times, but we also hate how irritable we get. I mean, who wants to feel that way? It’s like we have no control over our emotions. If you’ve ever felt any of the things below, you are not alone.

1. “BRING ME FOOD. I WANT TO EAT.” This is self-explanatory. It’s an excuse to eat whatever we want because food makes everything better.

2. “I’M SO BLOATED,” “I LOOK SO FAT.” We will eat whatever we want, feel better and then complain after. I really don’t understand why.

3. “I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!” We are sweet. We love to express our love to someone more during these days. But…

4. “OH GOSH! I HATE YOU! I SUPER HATE YOU!” We hate everyone for no good reason. We just do.

5. “I’M GONNA DIE.” Everything hurts and I’m dying.

6. “I WISH I WAS A GUY.” The thought of a guy having no “guy time of the month” makes us ask for a fairy godmother, who could transform us into a man.

7. “@#*asj%$jwty!;+&.” You don’t get it? Yeah, me too!

8. “I. NEED. MY. BED. RIGHT. NOW.” Everywhere we go, we want our beds. We want to curl up in a ball and cry.

9. “PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE.” We want to isolate ourselves, sometimes. Just leave. Don’t make us angry.

10. “NOBODY WANTS TO BE WITH ME.” And after sending all the people away, and we feel lonely and (forever) alone.

11. “I WANT TO PISS YOU OFF.” You can’t escape. We are your worst nightmare. Bwahaha!

We’re sorry but we’re not sorry. Haha. Kidding. We are somewhat irrational during those days, but we don’t mean everything we say, at least half of it :p Girls. Girls. Girls :)


4 thoughts on “11 Moods Every Girl Has During The “Girl Time Of The Month”

  1. That’s funny 😁 I am very lucky, I just get easily irritated a week before my period and that’s it. Oh and well food of course!
    Shirt looks good, I love Tally Weijl I just got two skirts from there :)

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