Summer is all about changes, so am I! All of us experience getting bored with our looks sometimes, wanting something fresh and new. Are you bored with your appearance? It’s time to try different styles and some fashion comeback!


Top: H&M | Bottom: PULL & BEAR | Footwear: H&M

Ever since I started attending my second course, Fashion Design, I also started to engage myself in the world of fashion more. I became so busy digging my deeper passion for fashion, and I forgot about myself. School makes me look stressed and haggard. “Oh gosh, you need a serious makeover!”, I said to myself. I really, really love to experiment with my looks especially with my hair. I used to have a super long dark hair, switched to different colours, then I made it ombré, then I cut it short, made it layered, cut it shorter and so. I was supposed to try a new style, babylights, but I failed. So I went to the salon instead and let them fix my hair. I ended up with a dramatic ombré again. Ombré is so 2014, it may become less popular, but it will never go out of style. I will never be afraid to rock it anytime.

Aside from ombré, the mom jeans trend has crawled back into fashion. A pair of mom jeans is considered as the ugliest and most unflattering jeans of all time - high-waisted jeans, usually light-washed, not loose enough - yet they are more than just some jeans. I mean, it’s classic, incredibly & undeniably comfortable. I knew as soon as I saw it, we were a match in heaven. You can pull off the ultimate chic and effortless looks with it. A crop top and mandals will do. You can never really go wrong with some 90’s throwback.


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