Notte Rosa

Spontaneous night getaway with my squad at the beach. Definitely a good memory to cherish.

After an unintended blog hiatus, I am back with a new post. Last night was full of fun and excitement though I was really not in the mood. We went to Rimini for Notte Rosa but it was like we attended Coachella. So much feels. It was one of the best, I swear. YOLO moments at its finest. We partied, (they) drank beers. It was fun. Life is always better at the beach and I don’t want to leave the place. What I enjoyed the most from this trip was the sea. I belong to the sea. The feeling was so magical. It was so relaxing. Nothing compares to a fun adventure in a great place with a good company. We killed our time with jokes, some knock knocks, some songs and little conversations. We waited for the sun to rise. It was so calm and beautiful. I could wake up to that view for the rest of my life, if only I could.  One of the best with my squad. Good thing they always consider inviting me in spite of me, being a girl, being the only girl in our squad. My brother is with me though, and I’m not, literally, the only girl.


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