Dear Present Self

It’s been a while since my last post since I’ve been catching up with my social life lately. I have written a letter to my past self recently, and I guess it’s about time to write a letter to my present self, too. I decided to try to reflect on the life issues I’ve been facing lately and focus on the present alone :)



Dear 21-year old Fae,

How’s life going? I can feel life is so tough for you right now, and you are confused with so many things. Don’t overthink too much. I bet you have realized how far you have grown, and I am not sure if you like the person you are becoming. Do you? You have been through some rocky times of your life, yet you managed to stay strong and you are even trying to be positive. Sometimes you are pretending you’re okay even though you really aren’t, because you don’t want people to worry about you. But honey, you have to breathe and voice out what’s inside you. Don’t be afraid. Gossips are circulating everywhere, and that’ll make the situation harder but you are a strong woman. What a society! Everyone is judging you without knowing even just simple facts about you. That is normal. You are mature enough to face everything. I know you won’t let anyone define you & bring you down. Just do the things that make you happy. 

You have bigger responsibilities now, while your mom is gone for work. You have to take care of your only sibling. I know it’s very hard, especially now that your brother is at the stage where he wants to enjoy his teenage years. You can do it. You are assigned as the older sister. Act like it.

Did you already figure out what you want to do with your life? Don’t think of your examination on September just yet. You’re going to pass. I believe in you. Life is going to push you beyond your ability. Don’t worry about the fact that you are not at where you want to be yet. You’re getting there, dreamer. You are still young. You still have to finish two more years at fashion school. Do not pressure yourself too much. Do not worry about the future, focus on the ‘now.’ It’s summer and you have to enjoy every single day of it. Relax. Have fun. Go out. Stay strong my dear. 

Love your present self 


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