T-Shirt Dress Trend

Need a go-to dress? The t-shirt dress is just that! It can be styled to fit any look, from your errand day to your night out, with the right amount of accessories. Never underestimate the power of t-shirt dresses.

Summer Bucket ListSummer Bucket ListSummer Bucket ListSummer Bucket List

Dress: PULL & BEAR | Eyewear: RAY-BAN

A t-shirt dress is an essential for me, especially now that it’s summer because it’s too hot to think of what to wear this season. Getting dressed can really be challenging. Of course we’ll always go for anything comfortable that’ll allow us to move around freely. Ever since summer season started, I always wear something basic, including a t-shirt dress – it became one of my summer uniforms. The effortlessness and the easiness of the dress make it perfect for most days. The best part about it is that, it’s an instant outfit. I tend to spend most of my time in front of the mirror, trying on different clothes and combinations, but a t-shirt dress always solves my problem.

I wanted to create a balanced look using my dress - not-so-casual, more youthful but stylish at the same time, so I paired mine with a leather creepers, sling bag and a pair of aviators. I just love throwing on a t-shirt dress. It’s simple but you just have to be creative and playful with styling, depending on the occasion.


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