Why I Almost Quit Blogging

Every blogger will come across the phase where he/she wants to give up blogging, at least once. I almost quit blogging a couple of times in my three years of experience. I just really don’t know what I have to offer anymore.


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My mind’s in the middle of nowhere, and I’m fighting drowsiness and currently dealing with separation anxiety. This post has been stuck in my draft for a week already, still I can’t think of anything to write about. I have struggled since last week and I’ve been going through a lot of emotional stress lately. As a blogger, I need to be creative and interesting, but I feel so uninspired these days. Words just won’t flow, I have no focus, and I have too many backlogs. I wanted to quit blogging again. I have been blogging since 2012, and it has pushed me in ways I hadn’t expected. But sometimes, I just want to end everything. I mean I’m too tired of taking outfit photos, thinking of something to blog about, getting stressed about maintaining my blog statistics, having high expectations and reading all the emails.

I mean, no one forced me to do it. This got me thinking all day. I questioned myself… “Why did you start blogging, anyway?” It has stopped me, and made me re-think. I started my blog simply because I want to express myself, my thoughts, and share my world. I mean writing is a therapy for me. Writing a genuine content is always easier when it comes from the heart. It isn’t something that just pops out of your mind. You always have to put your passion, your experiences and your emotion together. What you are doing is always going to be worth something if you are writing with passion. This blog pushes me to be the best person I could be and it has helped me grow. This blog makes me strong. So why would I leave it hanging just because I feel so uninspired? I just realized that I really don’t have to measure my stats and all. I just have to write from the heart and keep learning. Faebulous Story is everything to me.


7 thoughts on “Why I Almost Quit Blogging

  1. I also stopped blogging like 3 years ago. Life’s been busy and had no time to update. But now I’m coming back. I guess no matter how long we’ve been inactive we’ll still always go back to blogging. It’s fun and awesome! ☺Just blog about anything that inspires you then you’ll enjoy blogging again. 😊

  2. Sounds like you had a bit of what used to be called Writers’ Block. Inspiration often comes when you least expect it. and you blogs are way above average.

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