Under Blankets

Pulled off a double denim over lace look in the midst of Summer

2054AE2F-701D-485F-B606-90E4FD13D13F6CE1BCCF-AEB2-4520-974F-17A1AC50F04E08684D58-23C5-4B38-B623-02B6AB1FBFAD 5679405A-ACF2-4AA2-A631-FC28108A73A9 34A09C10-1D6C-4E0C-B1D5-4F10C7ED8C88 765EF19F-3AC2-4C4B-815E-DEF8070D4260B0C1AD8E-5D35-46B7-8A3E-CF75FDD030A1Bustier/Sandals: H&M | Bottom: PULL & BEAR | Outwear: RIFLE

Denim on denim is one of the styles that is hard to pull off, and to be honest, it was never my forte. But with the right styling, it could look like a bomb! This get-up was totally random. I opted for a laid back style, and added a little bit of sophistication. Showed off a little skin because I’m embracing my summer mantra, ‘less is more.’ Battling summer heat could really be hard, but I love it when the sun’s touching skin. Let it be summer forever!


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