School has just started and so is school dressing. Romper, as my newest Autumn uniform, makes it easy for me to pull off a back to school style.

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I haven’t got over with summer yet, especially with summer dressing. I paired my romper with my coltrane boots to create a Summer-Autumn vibe. Some people think that it is a big pressure to dress up when you’re in a fashion school, but the truth is… it’s really not. Romper is one of my back to school closet essentials. It is very comfortable and its easiness makes it so convenient for me to go from places to places and do such things. The style of this romper from RoseGal is just perfect – not too fit, not too loose; not too short, not too long.

I was really excited to go back to school. I don’t know, maybe I missed studying, lol. We haven’t done so much that day, like duh? It’s first day, right? After school, I went out with my squad and gone arcade-ing. Guess we really don’t want the summer to be over yet! (Almost) three months of vacation isn’t enough. Take us back to the summer season!!! How about you? What’s your back to school story? :)


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