No Qualms

“What is fashion?”


Top: H&M | Bottom: MOTIVI | Shoes: NIKE | Outwear: BERSHKA | Bag: TALLY WEIJL

Last Monday, our school was visited by a fashion stylist to discuss about our school fashion show that will be held next year. The first question the stylist had asked was “For you, what is fashion?” Everyone stopped talking. It’s not that easy to answer the question, because each of us has a different perception about it.

For me, fashion is not the clothes you wear, it is you. It helps you express your mood, and helps you to show who you are and depict our personality. It is an individual statement of expression for each of us. As the quote says “Fashion is something we deal with every day. Even people who say they don’t care what they wear choose clothes every morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day.” Whether you prefer classic, basic, indie, hippie, boho, or grunge, fashion accommodates the chameleon in all of us.

Fashion is a continuous experimentation. It has to reflect who you are, or how you feel at the moment. It doesn’t have to be expensive, doesn’t have to be complicated. Just has to be you.


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