Hate Street Dialogue

It’s starting to get colder. Time for some overall trousers action!

87879039-9657-492B-AD1B-69DD41A28515 89C44BAD-AB0F-4112-B696-69EA475095DFE517532D-EFEF-4C08-A0BB-0EBAF02772A5 11B5E652-4075-4833-8EFA-5DE782DA474F.jpgA0A519D1-E90A-478F-B0C1-A8414E2F8CE1Dungarees: DRESSLINK | Top: BERSHKA | Shoes: SUBDUED | Bag: GIRBAUD

I am so busy that catching up with blogging isn’t on my top to-do list these days. I’m squeezing in my hectic schedule why trying to type this overdue post.

I have never ever worn any overall trousers before DressLink sent me one! The material is perfect, as well as the fitting and the style.I have never thought it would be as comfortable as rompers. Bored with skinny jeans? Try this classic alternative! They can be dressed up or down with sneakers, slippers or some heels. So perfect for autumn trend, keeping you comfortable whilst stylish. They’re really versatile. You could be a bit playful when it comes to styling and layering it.


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