21 Things I Learned While Being 21

21 & over.

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Top: ZARA | Bottom: PULL & BEAR | Shoes: NIKE

When I turned 21, I finally reached the age where I actually felt like an adult. Or not? I can’t believe I’m actually writing a post of me saying goodbye to my 21-year old self. Yup, this is an overdue post because I’ve been really busy :( Being an adult wasn’t really that easy. You’ll get through the ups & downs of life. I’ve learned so much from it. Here are some:

1. Turning down a night out for some good sleep feels good.

2. You will make bad decisions. And you have to accept the consequences and learn from them.

3. School will stress you out, and you’ll ask yourself a lot of times if you’ll push through it or not.

4. You’ll have your heart broken.

5. You will feel love again.

6. You will question yourself.

7. Haters gonna hate but you won’t even care.

8. Stepping outside of your comfort zone won’t hurt.

9. Learn how to tell people how you feel.

10. Give yourself some alone time at least once a month.

11. Sometimes you have to let go so you can breathe.

12. I don’t know everything. I still have so much left to learn.

13. You will lose friends, but the truest will stay.

14. One day you’ll be the princess, the next day you’ll be the pauper.

15.  You’ll realize how blessed you are.

16. You’ll appreciate the littlest things.

17. Take time to find yourself, and be happy.

18. The best moments aren’t captured by camera.

19. You don’t need to explain yourself to other people.

20. Don’t take life seriously. Go with the flow.

21. God is everything.


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