It’s Always Better In Black

Another all black ensemble – the ultimate lazy-girl hack to dressing!


Top: ZARA | Bottom: H&M | Outwear: PULL&BEAR | Shoes: NIKE | Cap: ADIDAS

Today, I’m taking advantage of the little time I have to blog. This week – this month rather – has been really tiring for me. School’s torturing me. Nevertheless, I’m trying to balance everything *deep breath*. It’s already 12:30 in the morning, I still have my class at 8am, but I’m still here blogging. Here’s another look of me with an all-black ensemble. Anyway, I was really never a fan of black, until I found myself wearing black one day. I’ve realized that wearing black doesn’t have to mean boring. It is actually the brightest color of them all. Why?

You can never go wrong with it. It’s actually my go-to, especially when I’m rushing out the door.

It’s extremely versatile. Whether you’re on the playful side, or the steady side, you can try different styles with it.

It is classic. It looks sophisticated, elegant and simple.

It is the easiest. You could throw anything with it.

You’ll never worry about matching. Because anything goes with it perfectly even if you add a different color clothing.

It flatters every skin tone. You don’t have to worry about it.

It works for every season. Whether you’re dressing for Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter, black is the perfect choice!

Black has a slimming effect. Oops. No wonder why I wear black all the time. Lol.

Same outfit can be worn many times (without anyone noticing that).

It’s the best color. This is no other color that is better than black.


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