8 Reasons To Go Camping With Your Best Friends

Summer is always fun with your best friends. It’s just fun to do and experience new things with them, right? Our camping, somehow, made us more bonded and united. Read more to find out why you should go on a camping with your best-est friends (based from my own experience)!


  1. CAMPING WILL BRING YOU CLOSER. Proven and tested! Nothing brings people closer better than actually doing something together. When we are at the campsite, we really don’t want to be separated. We even extended for another day just to be with each other. We got clingier and closer. Our group chat won’t left silent because we just miss each other like that. We also had dinner, a day after the said camping.
  2. BREAK FROM TECHNOLOGY. You don’t have to use emojis to communicate with each other, because you’re facing each other, you could show real emotions, and real conversations are done. We don’t really use our phones that much except when there’s a Pokémon around the area.
  3. ESCAPE HECTIC LIFE FROM THE CITY. We regularly see each other during normal days. Once a week, every Saturday to chill. But these past few weeks, all of us really had hectic schedules. It’s good to getaways from the suffocating life in the city and breathe fresh air.
  4. YOU ALL LEARN HOW TO BE INDEPENDENT. It’s just us. No adults. Just us. We learn how to do things on our own. We tried to stand on our own.
  5. GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER MORE. Being isolated in a place makes you discover things from each other.
  6. THE CRAZY THINGS YOU DO WILL ALWAYS REMAIN AS MEMORIES. Remember, what happens at the campsite stays at the campsite! Or not?
  7. YOU COULD DO FUN THINGS TOGETHER. Nothing seemed more exciting than doing things with your best friends. A trip with friends: days of pure fun with people who have similar interests and an experience of a lifetime.
  8. YOU WILL CRACK UP THE WHOLE TIME. Let’s admit it, we couldn’t stop laughing whenever we are with our friends — drunk or not, you just help yourself but laugh.


“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” -John 15:13

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