Two-week overdue photos that I feel like sharing at 10:55PM while I’m having thoughts and rants about life.




Top: DECATHLON | Pants: H&M | Shoes & cap: ADIDAS | Outwear: RIFLE | Bag: MANGO

I‘m scrolling over my recent photos when I saw these photos taken 2 weeks ago. Something inside me pushed me to write a post tonight before I end this day. “Null” being its title regarded as how I see life at this very moment. I literally did nothing good or productive for the past 4 days of my life, and literally just slept all day every single day. I have too many things to do, but I haven’t done anything. Please tell me HOW TO ADULT. I’m also craving for some adventure, but I feel like school’s taking over my life. I am bored. I do the exact same routine everyday, and I am in an urge to do something different with my life. You get what I’m trying to say, right? I don’t know. Yup, just some rants of a 22-year old woman. Haha. Now, let’s call it a day!


3 thoughts on “(null)

  1. You are probably having thoughts that we all have in one forn or another. Some are pricrastination which calls for taking bite size bites from the apple until done. We all wonder what the future will be and if the grass will be greener. Thanks for sharing.

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