What’s in my Anello Bag?

The latest It-bag from Japan – ANELLO BACKPACKS!

Going to school, or a weekend getaway? Take your backpack game into the next level! Anello bags might just be one of the next upcoming trend this year. They come in a wide range of colors and materials. They’re stylish, practical and very comfortable especially when you commute. Also, the bag can fit so many items.


“It has a roomy primary compartment, several small to medium pockets, a front zip pocket, two side pockets, an extra zipper right at the back.” –www.anellobackpack.com


Since I still go to school, it really helps me pack all my things together. As a fashion design student, we often carry numerous things with us especially for design class.


So what’s inside my Anello backpack?


I don’t really like pink, eh? I mean, I used to love pink when I was still a little, but idk why my things are all pink. Haha.


  1. My pen case. I seriously can’t live without it. It’s like my whole life’s in there.
  2. Fabric samples/catalogue.
  3. Power bank from Anker.
  4. Eyeglasses. I don’t have a 20-20 vision so yah.
  5. Magazine. In case we need to do a mood board.
  6. Book to read when bored or I have a free time.
  7. Notebook for writing notes.
  8. Planner from Sunnies.
  9. Pantone for my designs.
  10. Umbrella.
  11. My iPhone. Btw, my case is from Pull & Bear.
  12. Blush, lipstick, concealer. I don’t really bring makeup to school.
  13. Perfume. I currently use Rose Goldea Bvlgari (a gift from my beau’s mom)
  14. Wallet from Mango.

The things I bring actually depends on the subjects I have. 



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