23 Little Reminders to my 23-Year Old Self

Oh hi, I turn 23 today!

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In just a snap, I turned another year older. They said that the age of 23 is quite a confusing time wherein you’re boxed out between adulthood & teenage years. I often question myself about what am I supposed to do with my life & where I should be. I know I’m not supposed to have it all figured out by now, but I can’t help it, this place is a thrilling place to be. When I was still in high school, I thought I could be where I want to be at the age of 28, but here I am getting gaga over my life. I always think I’m losing my direction. Nevertheless, I forgot that I have a lot of things to learn, a lot of things to experience, and a lot of places to be. So I’ve listed 23 little things to remind myself (and some people who experience the same thing) not to rush things & not to be stressed over everything.

1. It’s okay to feel lost at some point. You’ll find your way out soon.

2. Disappointment = success. It just means you believe you can do better and it will make you go further than you could imagine.

3. Everyone fails. You should always have a room for failures. Don’t freak out.

4. You have to give yourself a break. Don’t rush things too much.

5. Enjoy your life while you have no bigger responsibilities yet.

6. Don’t regret the money you spend buying what you want. You’ll earn it soon.

7. Worry less. It’ll make you look 5 years older.

8. Don’t be disappointed about not achieving your goals yet.

9. Let it all go and go with the flow of life.

10. It’s okay to fall & pick yourself back up so many times.

11. You don’t need to be working your dream job right now.

12. Travel as much as you can, you have to see the world.

13. Don’t overthink & over-analyze things.

14. Always try to be the best version of yourself.

15. Close your eyes and breathe.

16. Tomorrow is another day.

17. Nobody and nothing’s perfect, so don’t try to be one.

18. You are good enough. Always.

19. You deserve all the best things in life, don’t settle for anything less.

20. Always look at how far you’ve come instead of how far you still need to go.

21. You can’t always get what you want, but you can always work for it.

22. There’s always a right time for everything.

23. JEREMIAH 29:11


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