Unplanned Road Trip to Rimini

Life’s best moments usually happen unplanned.

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I just finished my final exam with lack of sleep & puffy eyes today. To celebrate, I’m updating my blog! So the actual reason why I lack rest and sleep is because of the unplanned road trip last Saturday, or should I say Sunday midnight. I have no plan on going somewhere away from the city because I have an examination. We usually hang out during Saturdays with no particular plan, and just go wherever our feet would take us. Last weekend, our feet took us to Rimini, which is more or less a hundred & twenty kilometers from our city —basically an hour & a half drive.

There was an event, actually, but we didn’t make it on time. We arrived at 1 something in the morning and people were already going back to their places, but still we pushed through our own adventure. We just stroll at the beach side and chill. We’re really tempted to get in the water, but we have no extra clothing, so we just let our feet feel the calm water of the sea. We waited for the sunrise, of course. It’s always beautiful to watch the sunrise by the beach. It never fails to amaze me.

We went back home by almost 7 in the morning, and something memorable happened on the highway. We stopped in the SOS to rest a little, and we got controlled by the police. No, don’t get it wrong, we didn’t do anything wrong. We spent more than half an hour standing there and frying ourselves, but everything’s clear and okay. We arrived home by almost 10AM, and tried to sleep the wakeful night away. I had no proper sleep, but at least I had fun. Unplanned trips and unpredictable moments are always the best with, of course, a great company. Never a dull moment with my squad.

Sharing with you some of the photos my brother & I took for that ~*feed goalz*~ because I live for Instagram. Credits to my bro, I’m really thankful that we’re related, lol ;)


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