How I Dress for the Unpredictable Weather


The weather is so unpredictable these days. Sometimes it’s hot when it’s supposed to be cold. I think the world seems to be experiencing some crazy weather, and I honestly don’t know how to dress myself. Actually, there are so many ways to stay warm and comfortable in this bipolar weather, but soft layering is my favorite. When the sun comes out, no problem! When the temperature drops, I could stay warm and comfortable with my layers.

My work starts very early, and the weather in the morning is very cozy. In my case, I prefer to be more subtle starting with a basic top that is easier to play with layers. A thin turtleneck is the key to layering like a pro this fall, sans bulk (especially when you don’t feel like wearing a scarf yet); layering it with a chic tank top. A tank top is also one of the best layering pieces because it can add a little sugar and spice and everything nice! Plus a pair of crop pants and a pair of boots instantly transformed my whole look.

How do you dress for the unpredictable weather?


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