7 Reasons Why We Hate Mondays



















“U know what? Mondays are ok, maybe it’s your job.”

Let’s all admit it, it’s really hard to get up during Mondays and face the reality again – that weekend is really over. After TGIF, we are back to “Hell, it’s Monday again.” Friday *blinks* Monday. Seriously? We just did this last week, and the week before that, and like the week before that. Mondays are like a curse and we can’t wait for it to be over already. It’s just like yesterday when we enjoyed a bottle of wine, and a little bit of relaxation, but here comes the first day of the work week again. Why do we hate Mondays?

  1. We wake up without getting enough rest. We worked 5 long straight days and all we get is 2 days off. Not fair enough.
  2. Monday means 6 A.M. alarms. 6:15… 6:30… 6:45… Until we’re late. Alarms are the most annoying thing ever, especially when you’re in the middle of a good sleep. Can we just get more sleep?
  3. Sleep pattern changes during the weekend. Sleep is life. Most of us don’t get enough sleep during weekdays and we often try to make up for it on weekends. And it’s even harder to adjust again during Mondays.
  4. We just can’t get over the weekend. We can’t plan an exciting thing to do on Monday evening because tomorrow is Tuesday, still, work day. No more freedom and fun. An emotional shift always happens every Monday.
  5. Mondays are the busiest time of the week. Meaning, we’ll be stressed out again and fight with sleep. We have deadly deadlines and hectic schedules. It’s extra hard to work again when we had a nice weekend sleeping in or partying, but Monday comes and ruin everything.
  6. No other day leaves us tired but Monday. It’s just the start of the week, but we’re exhausted already.
  7. It’s too far from Friday. Can. Monday. Be. Over. Already? Let it be Friday!

It may be hard for us to love Mondays, but let us try to change our mindset. Let’s all be excited for Mondays for it means a new week of opportunities, new experiences and new learnings. Mondays can be the best day of our week if we just love what we do. Let us all try to wake up with a smile on our faces, appreciate another beautiful day that God has given us, and be grateful for what we have. Happy Monday everyone! :)


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