A Quick Visit to Burano Island


If you’ve ever read my previous post about Venice, I’ve mentioned that we didn’t roam around Venice that much because we planned to visit Burano, since we still haven’t visited the island yet. We wanted to visit another island named Murano and Torcello, but we have no more time, maybe next time. Anyway, my brother and I wanted to go there for so long because the photos on the internet are really inviting. For everybody’s information, Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon that is known for its lace work and its colorful houses.

04A23A04-0228-493D-81EF-4ADB742910A0 1CE34263-D0F6-4846-9393-0A2824F297B70E2FF6EC-DDC4-4D67-9CDC-0D6A3078EFE6 The first time I stepped my feet in Burano, I really fell in love with it. I was like a happy and contented little kid who visited a theme park. The place is so satisfying and is a photo-lover’s paradise. Burano is a quite small so you don’t need much time exploring the whole island. I wonder if all the people living there know each other. Hmm :) Another thing I found amusing about the island is that the washed clothes are hanging all over the little town. People are actually taking photos of it; it’s part of the attraction :)

How to get to Burano from Venice:

 You can take the vaporetto number 12 from Venice San Zaccaria (near St. Mark’s Square) to get to Burano Island. It also stopped by Murano, if you’re also planning to go there. The ticket price per person costs €7.50 and it takes about 45 minutes or less. You can also take a water taxi, if you prefer, but it’ll cost you more.

I swear you won’t regret visiting Italy’s most colorful island! I want to go back already! :)


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