Living Dead

Did you notice that I seldom post in my blog nowadays? This cozy weather is making me lazy to do anything. I can’t even stand for a second. But because I love you my dear readers, I still make a point to update my blog at least once a week. It was a challenge for me to pose for an outfit post because I am freezing. My hands were always cold, I’m like a living dead or a walking dead. Something like that. Lol.

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This is actually a very late post. We shoot these photos last summer and we’re in Autumn season today (going to winter). And I’m a bit healthier last summer. Agree? Please do agree and support me! Haha.

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#BlogForACause: Read Before You Judge

Of course I will be judged, some might say that I’m very insensitive that I even had time to blog about my “kaartehan”  (as they say) while other people are suffering. I don’t blog just because I want to but because I need to. My blog is a fashion blog and my readers, sponsors and blog partners expect me to post OOTDs or anything about fashion. I thought a hundred of times before I made up my mind to do an outfit post. I said to myself that whether you get my point or not, I’m going to blog. As I’ve said in my anniversary blog post before, over the year my blog continuously grow and unexpectedly received lots of opportunities, some sponsorship, partnerships and paid in-post placements were offered. I don’t want to say this but I just want to make myself clear before hearing some criticisms. Last month, I was thinking if I would redeem my small earnings from blogging, I was waiting for the right time to do redemption and I strongly believe that now’s the best time to do it — to share my blessings to the people in need. I will donate 100% of my current & my future earnings to the victims of the super typhoon, Yolanda until recovery. I am committing myself to it. I believe that through my posts, I could somehow help the victims even in the smallest way I can. I will try to work to the best that I can, communicate clearly to everyone to drive traffic and earn not for myself but for the victims. Every view counts.

You could also help the Philippines. The possible ways are here: HELP THE PHILIPPINES and also through prayers.

Let us help. Let us make a change.

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