24 Things I Want To Tell My 24-Year Old Self

IMG_3909IMG_3906IMG_39078CC22BDF-125D-425E-8B4E-8F2FDC5D3E2FIMG_390821239CFD-D130-48EF-BF9E-1D7E88E53AEEToday, I turn 24. Growing up, I always thought getting old would take longer, and that I could be young as long as I can. I thought it would be a complete mess, and a terrifying disaster, and it scares the hell out of me. As the day goes by, I am slowly realizing that it shouldn’t frighten me for it just means I have already learned a lot (and will be learning more) by walking down this long road, called life. I used to say that I don’t want to leave the teenage life and that I am not yet ready to face adulthood, but now, I am actually enjoying being an adult except the responsibilities. Just kidding! I know turning 24 is not a huge milestone like turning 30 is, but it’s such an amazing feeling knowing I survived another year.

We got used to reading someone else’s message, birthday greetings and wishes — from personal messages to social media posts. But I just thought… What about me? What do I want to tell myself?

  1. Don’t take life too seriously. Laugh a little more and dream a little more.
  2. Sometimes, it’s more okay to grow away from everybody.
  3. Don’t pressure yourself too much. There’s still a long road ahead.
  4. Sleep early and get some rest.
  5. You are beautiful inside and out, do not doubt yourself.
  6. Life is short, buy that plane ticket as long as you can and go on an adventure.
  7. Explore the world and all it has to offer.
  8. Take that opportunity! There’s no room for laziness and fear!
  9. It’s okay to fail yourself sometimes, you will learn a lot from it.
  10. Everything you’re disappointed about is an opportunity for growth.
  11. I am so proud of what you achieved and what you’ll achieve in the future.
  12. You are going to succeed in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.
  13. Many people love you. Stop thinking you are alone.
  14. I wish you nothing but genuine happiness because you deserve it.
  15. I am so glad that you are growing up strong.
  16. Fight for what is right. Do not tolerate negativities.
  17. You are going to fuck up, but you are going to survive it big time!
  18. You are a lot better than what you think.
  19. Stop. Breathe. Relax. Live life in the moment.
  20. Don’t settle for anything less, you deserve the best.
  21. Don’t let number define you, you are going to achieve what you want in God’s perfect time.
  22. Write more and share your thoughts.
  23. You don’t owe anyone apologies that you choose to be happy.
  24. Happy birthday, self. I love you so.

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