7 Activities To Enjoy This Coming Spring with Kipling


Let’s picture this… you’re sleeping so tight, but your alarm rings early in the morning. Ugh! Another gloomy day. But you realized that Spring time is coming your way soon! The air is fresh, and the flowers will soon be springing. Time for some exciting and fun outdoor adventures under the sun and gear up with the right essentials including this bag from Kipling‘s Athleisure Collection.

Spring is something I always get excited about for it means dark days are going to be over and the sun will be up, shining brightly. I don’t know, but sunny days automatically change my mood into a positive one. Days are passing so fast and I can’t help but be enthusiastic about it. To be honest, I am the kind of person who doesn’t really like staying outside as much as I love staying at home. I don’t really enjoy physical activities that much; not going to lie, I am so not athletic. But ever since 2018 has come, I am trying to change my perspectives and try new things I am really not fond of doing. New beginnings, new illumination, NEW ME!

I am embracing the season’s change as I collaborated with Kipling‘s Athleisure Collection – an accessory that I could take anywhere with any activities I will engage myself with. Since I really can’t do heavy sports (though I want to try) because I have asthma, I tried to think of some fresh Spring activities that would make me both physically and mentally fit, and enjoy at the same time. Together with the versatile Kipling bag, I would celebrate Spring as I desire:

    1. Picnic at the park. This is something that really excites me during the season. Imagine setting up a picnic blanket, bringing a basket filled with sandwiches you made, and having a refreshing and an interesting view. That would be a perfect scenario!
    2. Chill by the beach. This is my favorite thing to do because the sea really calms me.
    3. Go for a bike ride. Riding a bike, especially with my brother, makes me reminisce my childhood days. Oh, how I miss those days. Just don’t forget to bring something that would keep you hydrated that you can carry with you in the Kipling bag!
    4. Take a long walk. Strolling around actually feels good and refreshing especially when you see everything springing colorfully. And maybe, take your dog out for a walk, too?
    5. Try hiking. This is something i would really want to do, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it because I have weak resistance. I wouldn’t know if I won’t try, right?
    6. Go camping. Either with friends or family. Camping is also a nice outdoor activity to do! You could also take the Kipling bag with you, as it could be transformed in two ways!
    7. Just do whatever your heart wants and enjoy the rest of the season for it only passes once in a year! :)

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