Boost-It With KIPLING


Music and fashion are two of the most important things in my life. Music has always been my first love and I always believe it influenced my personality growing up. Music moves me, and it connects to my soul; as many may say “when words fail, music speaks.”

My love for fashion, on the other hand, helps me a lot in terms of expressing myself. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always known to be the fashionista of every circle that I was in, because of how I express my personality through it. I think fashion is more than just a clothing, it’s more of myself.


Every morning when I prepare for work, I make it a routine to play some good music to start my day right. It’s like isolating myself from the world for a little while and owning it all to myself + playing music while picking my outfit for the day makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Like what I’ve said earlier, as a fashion enthusiast, I often express myself through clothing. My personality and mood always reflects on what I wear. Wearing the best gear everyday makes me boost my character, and makes me feel free to be me. We all have different ways to share our truest self, and this is how I share mine.

Since I work in the fashion industry, it’s important for me to look pleasant and presentable every day. Accessories are part of an outfit including a fashionable bag with a great quality. For me, just give a girl the right bag, and she can rule the world. Just like my boost-it CHIKA bag that KIPLING recently sent me – it gives me the cool, young, urban vibes. I never leave my house without my trustworthy bag for it carries all the important stuff that I need every day. This CHIKA bag is very light, convenient, strong and water repellent. It has a laptop compartment and is big enough to store all the documents. It’s easy to carry, so no hassle. Kipling says, “it’s the perfect companion for commuting easily in the busy city life,” and I couldn’t agree more. They sure know what we always need! Thankful to be a part of their new campaign. Yay!


The bag includes the following details:

  • 1 main compartment (with zip)
  • 3 functional compartments (phone + pen + wallet)
  • Shoulder straps (carrying handles)
  • 1 inside pocket (with zip)
  • 2 front pockets
  • 1 back pocket with zip (compartment for 17″ laptop)

The bag comes with 2 colors, you might want to check out the other color here.

FA31ADBB-C3B2-4809-BCCE-3897D28AA98BYour character can be expressed through a lot of ways, but it could also be found in fashion, through your style as well as music. You are building your character in every moment, so better be the best that you can be today.

Good music, great fashion, and a nice bag and I’m good to go, I know I can make it through the day! What’s your story?


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