by Darcy Flores

It took a while for Darcy and I to come up with a new collaboration. For everybody's information, he is a good friend of mine, who's much more into fashion than I am. In this blog post, I wore Darcy Flores. I've always been drawn to more polished and classy style since I was a little … Continue reading by Darcy Flores


Tears Are Words The Heart Can’t Say

Bold & bright colored pieces, patches, ruffles, denim and many more trends came along the way... but you can never go wrong with a basic piece! It's really hard to dress up and deal with the summer's heat. The classic white tee is the ultimate wardrobe staple anyone should have. When it comes to summer style, there's … Continue reading Tears Are Words The Heart Can’t Say

5 Things That Are Currently Making My March Happy

March has just started, but this month has been the toughest month of my 2017. On a scale of 1-10, how happy am I? Top & Choker: DRESSLINK | Bottom: BERSHKA | Shoes/Case: PULL & BEAR | Bag: COACH We really can't tell how our life will go & we don't know where our lives will take us. … Continue reading 5 Things That Are Currently Making My March Happy

Would You Wear A Clear Bag?

This transparent bag from DRESSLINK is one of my latest wardrobe addition this Spring. Top: H&M | Bottom: PULL & BEAR | Outwear: FOREVER21 | Shoes: NIKE | Bag & choker: DRESSLINK A clear/transparent bag is a great addition to anyone's must-haves because of their minimalist look. Good thing has them in the store! The sent … Continue reading Would You Wear A Clear Bag?

2 Way Slip Dress + SETARIUM

Created another project in collaboration with SETARIUM. SETARIUM is an Italian company based in Bologna (my city) for 6 decades already. They produce and sell a variety of different fabrics (see their catalogue from their site). They can also produce exclusive embroidery with the support of the best designers, where the pattern and threads can be … Continue reading 2 Way Slip Dress + SETARIUM