Trouble Is A Friend

 We celebrated our mom’s birthday today. The weather is so hot! It feels like summer! And here’s my outfit for today.


Lace Tube Blouse | Chiffon Maxi Skirt from bechicforless | Summery Sandals from my Aunt | Clutch Bag from Metrobank (R2R) | Sunnies from Forever 21 | Bronze Watch from Dolce and Gabbana | Snake Ear Cuff from an online shop

Chiffon maxi skirt plus a tube blouse is really perfect for a hot weather! I supposed to wear a black blazer with it and a pair of heels but my mom said that I was like going to the party or just something formal event. So I changed my heels to a summery sandals and the blazer to a demin vest instead. And it looked really a summer vibe look. I so love it! Let it be summer forever, please? Teehee. Anyway, you could always bring the summer with you by having summer vibe looks!
Btw, I love my background, it’s cool in the eyes and very neon. And I know I’m so skinny. Huhu.

I hope you like my outfit post today! Spread love♥ Hype here!

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