Ever-changing Style

I mentioned in my style files feature in Candymag that I don’t have one certain style. My style is based on my mood and the occasion. As much as possible, I try to wear different styles everyday. I’m really playful when it comes to styling. I don’t attach myself to one style but I always make sure that I style based on my personality. I just wear whatever I feel to wear. I wear something that could make me feel comfortable and will look stylish at the same time. I really have this passion for styling and I love mixing & matching different clothings accordingly. I go for vintage, retro, skater, hipster, girly, classic, chic and all the such.

Furthermore, I don’t just stick with what’s in and what’s out & I don’t base my style with the trends. I, myself, make my own trend & make my own legend. We have different tastes & we might have different definition of the word “STYLISH“. Other styles might look fashionable to others but not with you. We are all unique in every way.





Let fashion be your guide to expressing yourself & let your style introduce yourself even without saying a word. Remember that first impression lasts! So better dress up according to who you really are! Don’t try to be someone else. Stay fabulous, bella!xx :)


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