State Of Art

So you think you roar?


Top: Chiffon Top from SG | Bottom: Leopard Leggings | Shoes: Lita Pumps from Parisian

One perfect combination I know is matching a printed garment with a plain one. It is a usual get up because it doesn’t really look over. I don’t really wear much of the animal printed dress or whatever. I own few but I’m not really a fan though. I just go with everything I have & I feel to wear. Most of the girls have at least one animal print thing.
There is something with animal print that drives us wild and it always makes a feisty fashion statement. It makes girls feel cool, different and confident . But what are the dos and don’ts of wearing animal print?

  • DO keep it simple. Avoid mixing it with different prints.
  • DO use colors that will blend with the color of the print.
  • DON’T wear it with bright or loud colors. Let the print speaks for itself.
  • DON’T overdo it. The print is overpowering and displeasing to the eyes if worn excessively.
  • DO keep your accessories simple.

Have a roaring Thursday! How do you like my look? :)

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