Everytime I look in the mirror, I see crack. All I see is all my flaws and imperfections, all the negative things they say about me and all the gossips I heard from other people.

I believe that we are all beautiful in our own little ways, but how could we see that if the people around us are letting us down and breaking us into pieces. I wish I was beautiful. I wish I can be confident enough to face the fact that I am not beautiful. I wish someday people would notice me not because I am seeking for attention, but because I want them to know that I even exist. I want them to see me as I am. But I won’t change for them to realize that I’m here and I’m alive. I’d rather be invisible in their eyes than to live in a world full of lies. I’d rather listen to them as they spread rumors about me than to fool myself for being not me. I hate how I need to prove myself to people even if I don’t need to. You have your own life, I have my own life & I live it the way I want to. I don’t need your approval nor your judgment and negative feedbacks. Hate me if you want to, I don’t care. It wouldn’t make my life miserable. So please stop acting like you have to know everything, that you have to find out I why I do such things. Whatever. Just live your own life! We are all beautiful. We all deserve to be called beautiful♥


In addition, never compare yourself to others or else you will become a failure. Being unique is awesome. Always remember that you are different. So what if someone’s prettier? So what if someone’s smarter? So what if someone’s taller? Or thinner? Or nicer? Or whatever? Stick to your mind that you always shine whatever your physical appearance is & you always stand out for whatever personality you have. Let us just learn to be ourselves. We are not born to please people. God made each and everyone of us one-of-a-kind, so why would you waste your time comparing yourself to someone that is exactly not you? Would it make you better? NO! It would make you more insecure. And please stop imitating others in a way that you appears to be a duplicate. Be original, not an imitation. It’s okay to idolize somebody but do not be a copycat. For goodness’ sake, you are exceptional and extraordinary. Being unique is beautiful♥

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