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Top from AHLENS | Shorts from NO BOUNDARIES | Shoes from SKECHERS | Outwear from TERRANOVA | Sunnies from H&MDSC_6893 DSC_6892

We went to Minitalia earlier. It is located in Bergamo Italia which is 45 minutes to an hour away from Milano. I salute the inventors, engineers, architects, designers and all of the people involved in making the Minitalia. It’s an all in one amusement park where you can see the whole Italia through the miniatures plus it has a mini zoo and rides in it. Amazing!!! But I got darker because it’s too hot. Haha! Tan lines everywhere! But it’s fine though, I like it! A LOT!!! Tomorrow we’ll go to Venice! Yey! Good night ;)

4 thoughts on “Bergamo

  1. I’ve ,been there toooo! :D:D:D I actually just found a pic of me a,nd my husband when we went there years ago before having kids! It’s such a cool place, I loved it too!

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