Rome Sweet Rome

Our very last stop before the vacation ends: ROMA! We only had a day to explore the beautiful city and I realized that we really should stay at least a week to explore all the tourist spots in Roma. But our problem is the place we are going to stay and the availability of time. But there’s always a next time. The city has so much to offer – SO MUCH! (I’ll blog it in a separate post).


Top from APARTMENT 8 | Pants from H&M | Heels from H&M | Bag from my grandmother | Sunnies from H&M

DSC_0058 DSC_0057

I wore long sleeves and pants to protect my skin from the sun because they said that it’s hotter in Rome *insert scared face here*, and yes it is! I will surely look like a dalmatian soon. Spots everywhere. Haha. Btw, speaking of spot (but a different spot), it’s so hard to find a good spot to do my outfit post. People were roaming around, taking pictures but I have to deal with it! And I just have one question, why do I look taller in photos and smaller in person? Why? :( Lol.

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