Viva Firenze!

We explored the beauty of Firenze today (a.k.a. Florence). I want to share some photos with you but I’m thinking of summarizing everything in one post after our long vacation. I think I really should combine all our journey in one. Anyway, going back to the main subject… Florence is one of the top five cities in Italy every tourist should visit. Why? Its Duomo and Baptistery are magnificent! When I saw the Duomo, I literally said “Amazing” ’cause it is really amazing! The large piazza was crowded with tourist who patiently waited for hours, maybe, just to see what’s inside Duomo. We never went inside because we lack time. Time is gold! We need to go back to Bologna the same day.

(What is backless? Lol. I wore something comfortable today. Comfortable in a sense that I could move freely without feeling sweaty and sticky since walking the whole day under the sun surely made me sweat. And then I paired it with my black flats, which I think, was a wrong choice. My feet ached. If only I knew, I should’ve worn sandals instead)


Dress from APARTMENT 8 CLOTHING | Shoes from MEROMA | Sunnies from RAYBAN


Oh, I forgot to tell you about the Michael Angelo where you can see almost 80% of the city of Florence. Ahhhhh, very relaxing! It’s like a post card or something like that. I’ll tell show you all soon. Hmm. Another day well spent with my loves. It’s tiring but fun, as usual. Finally, a rest day for us before we continue our vacation. How’s your life so far? :)

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