Harmony To My Heartbeat

Dreams that come and go, this is one that I found forever I know.  Been crossing my fingers and always hoping for it to come true.

Do you know the song Harmony To My Heartbeat by Sally Seltmann? If not, you may listen here. It was the song of my life. The message of the song pushes me to chase my dreams and it will become a reality.


My brother and I were up to a personal biz and yesterday we covered the prenuptial photo shoot and video shoot of our friends Sarah & Darwin (I provided some photos below). And now I am in the process of editing the photos. My brother is the photographer, of course and I am the stylist/director/editor plus I did a little of the girl’s make-up.

I believe that I fit in the college of arts but lost in the college of international hospitality management. I am always an art student by heart. “This is really what I want to do, and this is where I belong!”, I always say to myself. Fate gave me the chance to at least experience what my dream was like. I always dream of being an events organizer, shoot director, MUA and all such things about arts; how can I even forget that I am a frustrated fashion stylist? I could transform myself into a freelance stylist in anytime if somebody would hire me. Lol. But no kidding, I am very much willing to be anybody’s stylist and work to the best of my ability. I will follow my passion forever!

Skirt and Top from USSO | Sandals from bazaar

Who says that only the bride-to-be and groom-to-be could have a photo shoot? The stylist could join too! Haha. No, I just stole a minute to do some OOTD shots! I wore a flowy skirt so I could move freely and a spaghetti top to free myself from sweat. Good thing it’s windy yesterday. Btw, I look thin in the photos. I guess my crash diet is effective :D


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