Dub On The Track

I am taking advantage of the heat of the sun nowadays. I said a million of times that summer is ending so I always make sure to wear all the new summer clothing I have. And I told you guys, I don’t just stick to one style. So my peg in my outfit post was a little swag and edgy. SWAG, the new generation’s alternative word for cool or grool (great + cool). Mean Girls days! I won’t never forget that word. Ever! Btw, teenagers used swag to describe anyone who carry themselves in a way considered by some to be cool. One of the overused words I know.


“Supersonic, iconic, astronomic. Get me on it! You know I’m electronic, polyphonic. Get me on it! I’m the kinda-I’m-I’m-I’m the kinda girl to put dub on the track”. I don’t think I sang it right. Lol. But come on, sing with me! I’m currently listening to Cher Lloyd’s Dub On Track—been LSS to the song since forever!


Top from H&M | Shorts from HOLLISTER | Shoes from VANS | Snapback from H&M | Sunnies from H&M

Some people misunderstood what SWAG really means and it’s always connected with the word brag. But really they do not understand the real meaning of swag or they just don’t fit in. They’re just jealous of how cool swag people are and I feel sorry. We all have different ways to show and carry ourselves and we all have different terms for that, so don’t judge and hate! Have a grool Sunday! :)

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