The Cold Is Warmth

We had ran some errands today: filed residency, inquired & registered to scuola di lingua, did some a little grocery and went to the hospital for something. It was cold outside, indeed! Staying warm during frigid weather is a hardship. Great thing I made the best decision to wear a lana-cloth dress—and it really gives a warm feeling though I have no leg wear at all.

We should really dress appropriately. If you’re going to be out in the extreme cold, wear as much warm clothing as possible to keep us from coughs and colds. Always be safe!


Here’s my brother and I’s matchy-match outfit for today. We didn’t plan this, btw. It just happened that we have the same outfit color palette. How do you find our looks? :)


Dress from a friend | Shoes from SKECHERS | Sunnies from TERRANOVA

I hope you had a great day! Don’t forget to smile :)

2 thoughts on “The Cold Is Warmth

  1. I think you both look very cool and trendy as young people are supposed to! :) I don’t know what it is with me but I never seem to dress for the weather! It’s like a curse, I’m always too cold or too hot :D

    1. I can’t count how many thank yous have I already said to you, Mammu. Lol. You truly are the sweetest :) Thank you for another compliment. Hihi. Anyway, I also experience that sometimes, yesterday is just my lucky day that I made a good decision. Haha

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