Closet Tour

Every girl has her own way of sorting the clothes in her closet. Today, I am going to share with you my special space. I finally had the guts to share with you what’s inside my closet. Come with me and let’s explore my paradise :) And yes, I have an orange cabinet due to color availability. My dad bought it :p It’s cute though.

I sort my clothes accordingly. As much as possible, I always try to be organize when it comes to my clothes. Of course, it’s easier to get things when you know exactly where it is placed. I separated them according to their types.

DRESSES. My dresses were sorted by length and also I separated the jumpsuits/rompers. In the Philippines, my dresses has its own cabinet together with the bottoms.

SHIRTS. They’re also sorted according to length. In the Philippines, my tops and shirts also have its own cabinet and were sorted according to color but I decided not to do it here.

TOPS. My tops were divided into two categories: the tank tops & the crop tops.

VESTS. They’re sorted according to color and length, I think.

SETS. The dress sets and cut-outs. I don’t include them in the dresses section since they are in pairs.

PANTS. They have no specific arrangement. Lol. I used to sort them by color but I really don’t know why they’re jumbled. Haha. No, I’m just kidding. I sorted them according to brand.

LEGGINGS. They used to be hanged but since I need a lot of space for my new clothes, I just folded them, anyway.


COATS. They’re andomly hanged.

LONG SLEEVES. They are sorted by collared and non-collared. 


I actually have four big boxes. The larger one contains undies, and then the upper photo: SUNNIES COLLECTION (obviously), lower left: INTIMATES, SOCKS & BIKINIS, lower right: GLOVES, BONNETS, TURBANS & other HEAD PIECE.


I also have a small box for my iPHONE CASES and my cabinet has a guard, lol. I just used it as WATCH HOLDER.


And my drawer contains all my other bottoms. They are just categorized into two: SHORTS & SKIRTS. My skirts were sorted by length: maxi, mid, and mini. Then the lower photos contains all my WINTER JACKETS, COATS and CASHMERE. They are very bulky so I have to fold them.


If you have noticed in the first photo, my ACCESSORIES HOLDER is hanged in my cabinet. If not, you may go back to the first photo. Lol. No, anyway, you can clearly see that they’re also sorted accordingly: from RINGS to EARRINGS, BRACELETS, NECKLACES, SCARVES & BELTS. Btw, did you know that I’m addicted to scarves? Now you know! I just love putting them in my bag. And I have few earrings because I’m allergic to ungenuine earrings. They’re just torturing my ears. Sad life. I really wanted to wear those pretty earrings I found in stores like forever21 and terranova but my ears are very sensitive. So there’s no other way I can wear them.


My other drawer contains all my BAGS and other things like FLOWER CROWNS, BIG SCRAVESCAPS/HATS, my PENS, my PLANNER and my NAIL POLISH KIT. And here comes my favorite part, my SHOES! My bed has a pull out and I just made it as a space for my loves.

My closet is really that clean and organized. I don’t clean it just for this blog. Lol. I get irritated whenever my closet is a mess. Really. In Instagram, if you were my follower, you did see the collage my brother had posted (which I reposted). The his & hers closet comparison. Haha. I guess you already knew what I am talking about even you didn’t saw the photo.

Even though I have my personal space, my closet is not enough for my clothes. Can you tell? My cabinet was only left with a little space, my drawers are full and there is no space for a new pair of shoes in my shoe rack. Insanity is eating me alive. Haha. Whatever. I know I can handle it. Lol. Whatever will be will be.

Did you enjoy my mini closet tour? How do you find my closet? Share your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Closet Tour

  1. Wow! Can I come over and raid your closet? I love everything *_* And by the way also one of my closets is orange :) I didn’t choose it either, it was already here when we moved.

    1. Of course, you could! You are welcome here! Hihi. Grazie Mammu. Haha i just had my lingua class today. And I’mma blog about it later. Share. Haha. Anyway, but it’s cute though I like pink. Hihi. I’m always teasing my dad like “Oh my new favorite color is orange!” Haha

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