Choose Your Battles

I wasn’t really in my leather outfit earlier. I just changed 5 minutes before we left home. I was in my goddess-inspired outfit—flowy dress, flower crown & I even braided my hair to make the whole goddess look, but then I realized that no pair of shoes would fit my outfit. My summer shoes were already boxed since I cannot use them this season & in incoming Winter. Good thing I instantly thought of another peg! I really want to dress up for Halloween but my outfit didn’t went that way. It’s like I’m pegging myself. As is! Haha.


Top from COLOUR HOUSE (Laureen Uy‘s Booth, BU5) | Pants from SISLEY | Outwear from TOM MURPHY’S | Boots from FLYFOR


Nevertheless, I guess I made a good ensemble. Leather on leather trend isn’t really about to explode like the denim on denim, floral on floral but the leather itself is in this season and the most-loved trend indeed! It is not bad to try something new, anyway. I have never owned any leather garment in my whole life so I made sure to rock my leather outfit today. I paired my leather pants to a roaring top, pointy-toe boots and bright red leather jacket to create an edgy-chic look. Plus I’m loving my background: the city street, it really fits my outfit.

P.S. breakin’ the no-anything policy because it’s Halloween. LOL

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