Between Moods

“The sun is out and I’m feeling okay, I hope you had a real good day”, singing the song again for I had a real good day!

I’m loving the weather these past few days — windy but sunny. I could wear anything I want without layering too much! I wish the weather would stay this way forever. If only it could. Btw, my bare-face/no-anything week started today. I’m stuck in between moods again, sometimes I feel like putting a make-up all over my face, sometimes I want to keep it simple. I finally made up my mind to stick with strictly no-make-up policy the whole week. I’m not really a fan of make-ups but my course made me appreciate those essentials. This week, I want to highlight my naked face, thin brows, not-so-pale lips (lol, I’m taking vitamins now) and my puyat eyes —I always sleep late and wake up late. My class is at 3PM so I don’t have to worry.


I can’t believe I went to school today all by myself. I guess my brother and I will separate our ways from now on. Sometimes, you just have to move apart from someone so you could both grow as individuals #separationanxiety (lays stress on the hashtag; cries). Lol. Of course, I’m just kidding, guys! And please, I am not drawing out something! It’s a jest. Some would think it’s an innuendo about the current state of my love life, I knew it! Haha. But it’s not, it meant nothing! Besides, my love life is definitely fine and good. Just making a clear explanation to avoid issues :p


Dress from PULL AND BEAR | Scarf from TERRANOVA


Shoes from FOREVER21

You know what I love the most about my dress? It makes me feel warm though its style is a little revealing. It was made from wool fabric so it retains air. It is really a must to have a lana clothing in your closet during the season. It is very comfortable and it would make you feel that somebody is hugging you :)


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