The Obligatory Selfie

Obligatory Selfie

Top from H&M | Bottoms from bazaar | Long sleeves from TERRANOVA | Outwear from ZARA | Stockings from SM ACCESSORIES | High socks from MOSSIMO | Shoes from VANS | Scarf from bazaar

Obligatory Selfie

Took some obligatory selfies today! That thing becomes mandatory when the DSLR’s on low battery. Lol. We failed to take good shots. I used my phone’s cam instead for the sake of taking my OOTD, to feed my blog and to communicate with you, my dear readers. I would like to thank Bershka for accommodating me and for letting me use their mirror. Lol. Btw, I am always dreaming to have a real big mirror inside my room. I want to see myself from head to toe every time I want. Haha.

Before I came up with my outfit, I have changed four times! My first get up was a flowy skirt and a sweater, then I changed my bottoms to jeans and then I changed everything to a flowy dress and then I changed everything again to that outfit above. Really, it was a touchstone! Wow, big word. Haha. Ahhh!!! I am always problematic (more problematic, I guess) when it comes to my outfit these days because I have to fit it with the weather. It’s getting harder and harder for me every time we go out. I have to double or triple layer in case the weather changes its mood again. How did you find my ensemble? :)

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