5 Undergarments Every Woman Should Own

We always focus on the clothes we are going to wear but never did we realize the importance of undergarments. Sometimes the clothing fits well on you but none of your undergarments make it look better. Straps are coming out, your cyclings are too long for your dress, your tummy’s showing. Yes, admit it! We often encounter scenarios like that. You always have to go underneath to solve your clothing problem. You should take actions before it’s too late. You might be in trouble. I picked 5 essentials that could save you from a disaster.

1. Strapless

    . This is very important especially when you wear strapless dresses or tops a lot. You can enjoy freedom from pulling straps. But you have to select a good strapless bra because some doesn’t stay put and hold up.

2. Seamless Shorts

    . You don’t have to worry if you’re wearing a dress. Seamless shorts can save you! You can hangout or finish some errands comfortably though you’re wearing skirt or dress. Cyclings are good too, but sometimes it’s a little longer than your dress.

3. Tube Top

    . Seamless tube top was the best! Some dresses and tops are revealing. Not all could show off their cleavages (and occasionally or shall I say most of the fime, showing off isn’t really important. Well, it really depends on your lifestyle). I suggest to wear a tube top underneath so you don’t have to worry.

4. Tummy Shaper

    . Okay. Sometimes, we are afraid to wear bandage skirts because our tummies will show up. I also experienced that scenario and it hurts so much to think that I couldn’t wear what I want to wear. Good thing there’s body shaper to get rid of my tummy even only for a moment.

5. Silicone Free Bra

    . Not really important but I’m including this one just in case. Plus it is essential to me. Strapless could really not do everything. I have discovered the free bra a year ago. It works best on backless dresses/tops. Also, if you are not that blessed (lol, you know what I mean), you could also use it as a push-up bra.

Those are just my personal opinion based on my clothing-problem experiences. How about you, what undergarments do yo think every woman should own? :)

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