Diet Mountain Dew


Inner Top from CALLIOPE | Outer Top from TSUMORI CHISATO | Jeans from PENSHOPPE | Shoes from LILLEY | Bag and Sunglasses from H&M | Jacket from BERSHKA | Scarf from TERRANOVA


Yay! I finally got to see the sun again when I went out and I am very glad, but it’s still cold outside. Hug weather I might say. It’s weekend again, meaning no school for me! It was a typical Friday for me: internet’s always my thing from the moment I wake up till I fall asleep. Define addict? :p I don’t know what drives me crazy over Facebook, IG, Twitter, my blog, Tumblr & whatsoever. I mean, scrolling the whole day is really boring but why the hell I’m addicted to it? We’re addicted to it? Haha. That’s very weird. But my outfit’s weirder. Lol. What a smooth diversion! I found my outfit annoying. I just grabbed anything in my closet and turned out to be a disaster. Haha. I’m really downing myself these days and making fun of it. I’m just too lazy to think of what I’m gonna wear — laid back is it! Just give me some time and I’m gonna be on the right track!

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