Food: Hot Dog With A Twist

Most of you don’t know that I love to experiment with food and my brother finds most of my experiments weird. I cry. Haha. Kidding! I find them weird too, sometimes. Lol. I love experimenting! You better get used to my weird inventions. Omg, did I just tell you that? Only my brother knew how weird I am when it comes to food. I mean, because he often sees me working/cooking/mixing foods. He’s my taste buddy and my beau’s my food trip buddy. That’s actually different. Haha :p
Today I made my usual snack — I call it “hot dog with a twist”. Basically, it’s a microwaved hot dog (sliced into 1/2 inch thick) dipped in banana ketchup drizzled with ground pepper, (more) garlic powder and granulated garlic. You could try making your own. You can use any kind of  hot dog but I used Pavo brand. It’s actually a mix of chicken and turkey. That’s it! Try it! It’s really good especially when you put a LOT of garlic powder :) Buon appetito!


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