We spent our Easter Sunday in Padua, Italy (Padova) and I was fascinated by its beauty. The city is very picturesque and classic. I really love the place! It’s like Vigan (a place in the Philippines).




DSC_0145HYPE on

Top: bazaar | Bottom: PENSHOPPE | Shoes: PRIMADONNA | Hat: bazaar | Bag: GIRBAUD | Sunglasses: FOREVER21 | Belt: GUESS




We had a mass in Basilica Di Ant’Antonio of Padua. Ahhh.. Feels like I’m in heaven, I never want to leave. The architecture of the church is finely detailed and it’s amazing how they can preserve its beauty. The church just turned 850 years old last year. Very remarkable, eh? I wondered how long did it take to build the Basilica. Didn’t have any photos inside because cameras are not allowed, even phone cameras. I’m completely blown away. We have limited time because we went there after lunch so we didn’t have a chance to roam around the city and the weather is not that good yesterday. Aww sad. We’ll definitely go back next time!

My style yesterday was classic. Really perfect for the city. Classic styles last through the ages and are a triumph of art. By pairing it with a hat or some accessories, you can transform the look for any occasion. Timeless style indeed! I would never get rid of nailing classic fashion.

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