Mini Shoe Collection

I finally had the guts to post my mini shoe collection. My collection isn’t that huge like your favorite blogger’s collection and it isn’t really as many as other people think (well maybe it WAS).


I actually left more than 20 pairs of shoes in the Philippines before we move here in Italy plus 6 more (I just left them recently when I had my vacation in the Philippines. They’re all new but I have no choice).  I am indeed a shoe lover. Shoes are my best friends, my loves, my babies. I’m in love!! If you would ask me if I use them all, the answer is NOT REALLY especially the heels but I’m trying my best to wear them all. Since I have no sister whom I can share my shoes/things with, some shoes are just stuck in my shoe cabinet. Have you read my post about Shoe Closet before? Ahhhh I wish I have a gigantic shoe closet! I mean, who doesn’t want to?

Anyway, I’m still craving for a pair of shoes!!!! My brother said, “It’s been two weeks!!!”. Do you think he’s annoyed? HAHA! I verbally express my feelings about it like most of the time. Can’t help it, sorry. Still cannot find the shoes that I like. I regret not buying the Juju Babe 80’s Jelly Sandals (see herelast last week. Now I’m punching myself :( Here’s what I want (see here). *sigh*. Haha! So yeah, I should end it here! :)

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